Almost at Next Running Milestone

Today I ran 5 miles at an 8:27 pace.  I am still grinning about this achievement.  My first milestone was to run 3 miles at an 8:15 pace.  Yeah, I made that one.  So, my next goal is to run 6 miles at 8:30.  After today, I think I can reach that goal.  To qualify for the Boston Marathon, I need to run an 8:37 pace.  It would be neat to qualify for that race someday.  I am not really sure why – I guess – but it is the Mecca for runners.  My sister ran the Boston last year.  She said it was awesome.  Anyway, this year, I just hope to complete my second marathon under 4 hours.  Maybe I can qualify for Boston after my 3rd marathon, Lord willing.  26 miles is a long way.

I am hoping to run a 5k at the Central Florida Children’s Home Race.  It’s next weekend.  I haven’t registered yet, but if everything works out with the fam, I’ll get to run that race.

So, the big question is…why do I like to run so much?  Well, it helped me lose weight after college, it feels really good afterwards, it’s time alone outdoors to think, and it lets me eat lots of foods I probably shouldn’t – Ice cream, Chocolate, and Pizza.  Yummy!

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