The Running Store and Me

Today Track Shack had a nice sale on shoes, clothing, and socks.  Socks??  You may wonder and frankly,  me too, but a very nice pair of running socks are supposed to change your world.  Today, I bought a pair because of a blister turned callous on my foot.  Mostly this blister came about because of running in the foothills in Fort Collins — sigh, that was nice.  I’ll try to remember to post about the socks after a few runs.

However, the most significant thing I bought was something I have been thinking about for a while and it wasn’t expensive.  Ever since I completed my first marathon I have thought about buying one of the “26.2” stickers you put on your car.  Well…I didn’t want to do it.  I didn’t want to be bragging that I ran the whole thing, and well… I did run it all.  Sure, those last 5 miles were slow, but I was still in some type of jogging motion – at least this is what I tell myself.  Anyway, the kids were with me and they pointed it out, it was only $1.  They suggested I should buy it.  So, you see, it was there fault really, not mine at all.  Wanting to be nice to them, I said, “Sure, let’s get it.”  Then I saw an even better one, the magnetic option, more expensive, $4.  Thinking about it, I realized the magnetic option wouldn’t make JR mad about putting a sticker on the van and I could take it with me when we move to Hungary.  Definitely, the magnetic option won out.  Now, on the back of my van, a “26.2” magnetic decal is proudly displayed.  I have to tell you, the whole way home I was all smiles inside.  In fact, I’m happy about it right now.  Amazing how such a small thing can make me smile.  Inside, when I think about it, I feel like Eddie looks when he gets a new lego set.

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2 Responses to The Running Store and Me

  1. Karin says:

    I’m glad you bought it!!!! I hung my half marathon medal in my cube for a while and everytime I see a 26.2 on the back of a car, I get impressed by the person inside!

  2. JR Peck says:

    The bonus is that when people see me driving they’ll know it’s not my van.

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