The Wright Socks

It’s been 3 runs with my new “Wright Socks.” They are actually pretty nice.  Today I did 12 miles in them and let me tell you it was H-O-T here in Orlando, FL this morning.  These socks are nice, in that, when I am done with my run, I don’t have to peel them off of my feet because they are not drenched in sweat.  They just come off nice and sweet, unlike my drench soaked bra.  Now, if that’s too much for you, I don’t really care, that’s just how it is here when you run in the summer in Florida.  I haven’t gotten any new blisters, but I don’t think that’s because of the socks.  They are really nice and I like them but they certainly don’t “rock my world” as a runner.  Now, when I compare them to my cotton socks, let me just say that I will wash them and wear them for every run if I can.  They are DEFINITELY better than plain old cotton socks, and frankly, when you buy them on sale, they are totally worth it.  I am a bit curious where all that sweat is retained in my feet area.  My guess is the shoes, which means they should smell really, really bad in a few weeks.

About my 12 mile run, it was my fastest long run yet.  8:45 pace.  That is really good for me.  I know a ton of people run faster than that, but for 39 year old me, that is really, really great.  In fact, I’m not sure if I will be able to repeat it.  I think part of the success in the run was because of the spaghetti last night and the hydration.  This is the first time I drank G2 gatorade , grape flavor, from 2 miles and on through 7 miles, after that I just had water.  I do think hydration makes a huge difference – and it’s good for the kidneys.  Also, just a note, I ate a balance bar today after 7 miles.  It was really nice tasting.

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  1. Karin says:

    I’m still wearing my Wright socks from 2004 !

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