Great Kids Devotional Book

JR and I have been reading Streams in the Desert for Kids faithfully to the kids this year.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we have certainly missed days, but we still we read it.  Honestly, it is one of the best kids devotionals I’ve ever shared with the kids.  So, you may ask, what makes it so great.  Well, for one, it’s length.  Each devotional is one page and each devotional has a prayer on it at the end that’s only a couple sentences.  We typically read the devotion after dinner and then pray.  It’s the perfect length for the kids at that time.

Now, to get to the good part, the best part of the book is it’s content.  The practicality of the lesson mixed with scriptural content and teaching is really good.  I mean – really, how much can you say in a few paragraphs on one page, but they manage to do it.  Almost every time I come away having learned something, and it’s meant for kids.  That probably says something about me, but oh well, it’s the truth.  Tonight I read 2 entries with the kids because we didn’t get a chance to read last night due to a sleepover.  After reading it, it was so great, I finally got around to sharing about the book.  Honestly, if you bought it, I think you would really be happy with it.  Happy Reading.

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