The Wright Socks Part 2

Okay, I’ve changed my mind about the socks.  In fact, I really try hard not to run without them.  Why?? Well, they really do feel nice on the foot and when you are going long distances it makes a differences because these socks don’t retain all the sweat.  That might not sound like much, but when your running outdoors during the hot, humid summer months of Orlando,  it makes a difference.  I ran 14 miles yesterday and I am so glad I had these socks.  I had a blister from running in the hills in Colorado this summer.  After switching to these socks, the callous is dissipating.  So, unfortunately, they don’t make me run faster, but they sure feel nice.  I’d say these socks are worth the money, along with my Saucony running shoes.  Whenever I switch from Saucony to another shoe, I always end up going back to Saucony.

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