The 2nd Marathon

Went well. Time was 4:03:13. I learned the following: do not put more than 400 miles on a pair of running shoes. I think that’s partly why my knee hurts and is healing. I also learned to stretch your IT Band area no matter how good you feel. Always stretch it. Take the time to do it. Also, I learned that I probably need to do some more cross training. I think if I had done some cross training my time would have been better. Here’s the results:

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2 Responses to The 2nd Marathon

  1. Michele says:

    OK, I read “don’t put 400 miles on a pair of running shoes” and had to pause. Wow. 400 miles. Of running. This will be my encouragement when I don’t feel like working out. You are a stud Ingrid Peck.

  2. Ingrid Peck says:

    Ahh, not like you Braunie. Running is nothing compared to living the way you do. I’m just glad to be your friend 🙂

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