The Experiment

Each week, all three of our kids have a set of chores that they have to complete. They each get a small allowance for doing their chores. Eddie vacuums the whole house, rotates with doing dishes, sweeping, and wiping the table off after dinner, and keeps his room clean which includes making his bed everyday. The girls clean 2 bathrooms a piece, yes our town home has a 3.5 bath and the other chores are the same as Eddie. All of them are also supposed to dust as well. I am pretty lax on having them dust because I just hate dusting period. This works out really nicely for me. The main thing I do is I clean the toilets. After the kids did their chores this week, I went around cleaning the toilets and low and behold behind their toilet was a set of mouthwash cups stacked inside of another with some type of concoction of fluid and a floss pick inside of it that has evidently been used for stirring. Hannah was with me when I found it and of course said “It wasn’t me.” So, I have her call the other kids to join us so I could find out what happened. Well….it turns out all 3 of them were in it together. Inside the stacked mouthwash cups was the following all mixed together with a floss pick: hand soap, Eddie’s hair gel, lotion, mouthwash, and a bit of water – who knows what else. They said they were running an experiment. I had to turn around so they couldn’t see me laugh at this whole thing. At any rate, it had to be behind their for less than a week. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Unbelievable. Well, wait a minute, maybe it is all to believable.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Ha! Sounds like something my kids would do! 🙂

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