Riding the Wave

That is what it feels like for me right now. Riding the Wave. God’s provision has been loud, His timing has been perfect, His faithfulness like no other, and His love….so encompassing. He alone us been the force to get us to Budapest, Hungary.

We started this journey back in March 2010, when we first talked with Tom Seely and Keith and Kay Seabourn about possibly working in the Eastern Europe office for Campus Crusade for Christ. At that point in time, I was very tentative – and in some respects those feelings are still there. I have two reasons that explain my cautious feelings, one – the cold in Eastern Europe, and two – my past failure. The failure – in my mind – of working with the Peace Corps in Ghana, West Africa is still in the back of my mind. Granted, there was some good work done in Ghana while I was there, but making it only a year there is still tough for me to swallow. So, in the back of my mind, the question still plays – can I make it in Hungary and not be a poison to myself or family? Fortunately, my hairstylist helped me out with that just the other day. She has such strong faith and encouraged me to denounce the spirit of doubt and fear out loud. So there I was – in my car – loudly proclaiming “Spirit of Doubt – leave me alone.” That’s not all I said and I have to say, it did help. I don’t think anyone saw me praying dramatically out loud in my van, but if they did, I am sure they thought I was a nut job. I certainly felt bolder after that carthesis in the van 🙂 As for the cold??? Time will tell I guess.

For now, I marvel at how God has provided financially, how He has given us the prospects of some awesome renters for our townhome here in Florida, and how He has provided missionary work for me at the kids school, and a feeling of contentment as He carries us on toward another country. In the midst of the move and saying goodbye and preparing to arrive in Hungary, I do have this underlying feeling of peace. Now, to be sure, I get stressed out, have dark circles under my eyes at times, and struggle with what we are going through as we prepare, but underneath it all God is showing me that He wants us in Hungary. I really don’t know why and never would have even thought to ask Him for it, but there it is. We are moving to Hungary this summer. So far, riding the wave has led me to do one thing over and over again – and that would be – Praise God.

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